Raise the Roof Fundraisers – How to Raise Money for a Slate Roof for Your Church or Nonprofit

Commonly not-for-profit associations, for example, places of worship and schools are housed in memorable structures that have record rooftops. While many record rooftops can keep going for north of 100 years, there will come when the rooftop shingles should be supplanted or taken out. Since record is the most costly roofing material, the expense for another record rooftop, contingent upon the size, can come to countless dollars. Regardless of whether the substitution rooftop won’t be made of record the expense will in any case be significant.

Obviously, collecting the cash for another rooftop can be an overwhelming undertaking for a charitable association. Habitually associations need to gather pledges for a long time to collect sufficient cash for another rooftop or other development project. The choice of getting an award from public, state, or neighborhood legislatures ought to be investigated. Some of the time one giver is able to give the whole sum or can set up a matching subsidizes program.

Since record rooftop shingles are so significant they ought to never been dragged away to a landfill and discarded. The old shingles can be reused and used to assist with fund-raising for your association.

A portion of the ways of fund-raising with your old record rooftop shingles are:

Ask the organization that will introduce the new rooftop to purchase the old records. Frequently the organization will do this and utilize the records for another undertaking.

Offer the pre-owned records to record rooftop recyclers or development rescue organizations.

Offer the records to different associations or people who are needing them for their material establishments.

Keep a portion of the old records to use in your fundraising ideas for church youth groups support exercises.

Record rooftop shingles normally have two openings penetrated in them that make them extraordinary for transforming into plaques. You essentially join a chain and you have a plaque or wall decoration. You can sell the records clear, with no guarantees, or you can improve them. Assuming that there are creatively skilled individuals in your association you can embellish the record plaques in quite a few different ways. Or on the other hand, you can have a craftsman locally design them for you. Records can be enriched as tokens for individuals from your association, for instance, by applying an image of your structure. Record shingles can likewise be turned in clocks and other improving things.

The estimating of your shingles will rely on your pledge drive. On the off chance that you are involving them as a token you could want a base gift in how much, for instance, $50 or more, and offer them as a gift as a trade off for the gift.


Regardless of whether you are disposing of your record shingles you ought to attempt to save some of them for gathering pledges. Your governing body or gathering pledges group can presumably do a touch of conceptualizing and concocted a few imaginative and rewarding thoughts on the most proficient method to utilize them.

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