What foods to eat if you have diarrhea

Occasional diarrhea is a common occurrence. Eating or avoiding certain foods may help manage diarrhea. Foods to eat include bananas and boiled potatoes. But spicy foods and dairy products can worsen symptoms.

People can manage can dogs eat broccoli

 the symptoms of   by resting, staying hydrated, and making certain dietary adjustments. While certain foods can promote recovery, others can potentially make the symptoms worse.

Although it is usually possible to manage occasional bouts of diarrhea at home, anyone who is experiencing persistent diarrhea should see a doctor, as they may become dehydrated over time.

While recovering from diarrhea, a person should eat bland, simple foods that are easy to digest and will help absorb some water from the stool. People with diarrhea should eat bland foods, as spicy or complex foods can irritate the bowels. Doctors often recommend  ,  :

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