7 Steps to Solve Pachislo Slot Machine Hopper Issues

Simple Solutions for Pachislo Hopper Errors

Most container issues are not difficult to tackle. Container mistake codes are general and don’t give you explicit subtleties with respect to the actual issue. First you really want to track down the issue.

Stage 1: Remove the Hopper

There are sorts of container associations – one that has a rope that goes from the container to the power supply, and the other pgthe container is naturally associated when it is embedded totally into the rear of the machine.

On the off chance that your container has a wire going from the container to the power supply, that wire can be taken out from the power supply or, contingent on the container, from a connector on the actual container.

Pull the container towards you – it is hung on by a track and might be tight, simply squirm it somewhat left to right while pulling it. Some have a white clasp on the front base that you should push down while pulling the container towards you. Others might have a piece of plastic before the container on the machine. Simply lift the container over the plastic while pulling it towards you.

On the off chance that your container is associated by a wire, eliminate the wire from either the actual container or the power supply.

Stage 2: Remove the Top of the Hopper

Containers have two segments that are either screwed or cut together. The fact that the coins fall into makes the top area the plastic. The base area is the wheel, plug/connector and sensor. The top piece of the container can be eliminated.

On the off chance that your container has screws simply eliminate the screws with a Phillips screwdriver. There ought to be four screws – two situated within the container and two outwardly of the coin region. At the point when the two screws are eliminated the top will fall off and you will hold the whole base region with the wheel uncovered.

There are likewise container that have cuts holding the top to the base. These clasps are typically yellow. The most well-known has two yellow clasps on the front corners. Pull the clasps toward you.

Stage 3: Look for Jammed Coins

Take a gander at the region where the coins leave the container and in the openings in the actual wheel for stuck coins. You will see them promptly now that you can see the whole wheel region. Eliminate the obstacle and test the wheel physically.

Stage 4: Lubricate the Wheel

You ought to have the option to turn the container wheel clockwise with little obstruction. Assuming you have no coins stuck in the machine, attempt to turn the wheel. In the event that it appears to be tight, has rust, and so on check again for blocks. Clean the wheel, the region around it, and so forth. You might have to provide it with a fast splash of silicone – don’t utilize WD40 and don’t utilize a great deal of shower. A speedy splash will make it happen. Work the wheel for a couple of moments to allow the oil to take care of its responsibilities.

Stage 5: Clean the Sensor

In the event that the wheel is moving openly and you see no deterrents, take a gander at the region where the coins are paid out from the container. Turn the container over and you will track down a spring stacked arm. At the point when tokens are paid out that arm swings through a sensor, breaking the light and conveying a message to the machine that a token has been paid. Clean the sensor of all residue and soil with a Q-tip and a little scouring liquor.

Stage 6: Lubricate the Sensor Arm and Spring

The spring stacked arm that breaks the sensor will in some cases seize up in light of soil or rust. Shower a little silicone splash on the actual arm and the springs. Physically move the arm for a couple of moments to work the ointment into the arm and the spring. You will feel it release and you will feel the spring start to pull the arm back when you pull it forward. At the point when it moves unreservedly and the spring pulls it once again into the right spot decisively you are finished.

Stage 7: Manually Test the Hopper

Put a couple of coins into the haggle the wheel clockwise. You will see the tokens fall into the openings in the haggle up toward the payout chute. In the event that everything is cleaned and greased up you will see the tokens enter the payout chute each in turn and really shoot out the container.

In the event that the wheel isn’t moving effectively clean it once more and check for blocks.

Assuming the coins are entering the payout chute however exiting and NOT BEING SHOT OUT then perfect and grease up the spring stacked arm, ensure the arm is springing rapidly once again into the right spot after you move it through the sensor, ensure it isn’t raising a ruckus around town yet traveling THROUGH it and breaking the shaft.

Supplant the highest point of the container, introduce the container back into the machine, reset the machine utilizing the reset key and test it.

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