Old Songs, New Inspiration

Once in a while I hear a melody and for hours, even days the tune plays again and again to me. Furthermore, here and there a tune strikes a chord for reasons unknown. It basically saturates my awareness from some lengthy failed to remember memory rising up out of stowed away breaks. Maybe full fledged or maybe it will require investment to reformulate, being pondered around subliminally until enough pieces get sorted out to shape a chorale or maybe even a stanza or two. Playing delicately away behind the scenes of my psyche, until at long last the volume has expanded to a point that it thumps unequivocally on the entryway of my mindfulness.

Today, this tune from some time in the past did precisely that.

Today while the 제주도유흥actually stick to the plant,

I’ll taste your strawberries I’ll drink your dessert wine,

1,000,000 days to come will all die,

‘Ere I fail to remember all the delight that is mine today…

I can’t be satisfied with previous days wonders,

I can’t live on guarantees winter through spring.

Today is my second and presently is my story,

I’ll snicker and I’ll cry and I’ll sing.”

With tunes, similarly as with books or other data, there are much of the time new disclosures when

returned to after some time. This has come up in one or two discussions as of late. “Goodness, I recently read that once more and had an entirely different comprehension” “Did you at any point truly pay attention to the expressions of that tune?” “How could it be that I have perused that so often and a little while ago I see what it is truly talking about?” It is captivating to me how life appears to have subjects. It resembles an episode of a decent show (or sit com) where a similar subject is woven through numerous story lines endeavoring to ‘convey the idea’.

I have murmured and sung this old tune ordinarily in years gone by, yet some way or another restoring it I hear the words once more interestingly (yes that little paradoxical expression was deliberate).

Today is your second and presently is your story. We can’t be satisfied with previous days wonders – or we pass up on the chance for greatness is THIS second. We can’t live on commitments of what may be or we pass up the commitments satisfied we would say. Relish the blooms, taste the strawberries… Allow us to giggle… also, cry… also, sing!

My desire for us both today, is that we not waste 1,000,000 days to come ‘ere we fail to remember all the delight that is our own today.

Barbara Shanahan is a Ladies’ Profound Enhancement Mentor, Facilitator and Enrolled Medical caretaker From her broad foundation working with families managing ongoing and terminal disease, developing kids, maturing guardians… the many issues ladies face, comes an energy for working with ladies to foster a sort, cherishing, supporting relationship with themselves. She is an aide for ladies, who wish to investigate their otherworldly life reason, ladies who are searching for realness and satisfaction in their lives.

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